Integrated farming world best technology

Integrated farming system is commonly known as more integrated approach to farming compared to mono culture approach. This types of integrated farming system is European standard technique which is rarely applied in Asian countries. Included terms of using resources such as soil water air and nature as well as regarding factors. What is (IFS) Techniques … Read more

Some common types of pets available in world

 There are countless types of pets that people can choose to bring into their homes and care for. Here is a list of some common types of pets: 1. **Dogs:** Dogs are one of the most popular pets worldwide. They come in various breeds, sizes, and temperaments, making them suitable for different lifestyles. Certainly! Here … Read more

Multilayer farming advantages in world

What is multi layer farming, How do you farm multi-layer farming techniques is very profitable for farmer in worldwide. the technique seed sowing in which different vegetable and fruits crops are being sown in farm the layer sown In deep, middle, top , top most layer according to there respect to roots and plant growing at different height. … Read more